FAQ's from Other Retards:

Here you will locate some of the FAQ's regarding LOKUST LUCIANO and his #RetardedBastard movement. If you have a question that doesn't already exist in the FAQ, feel free to Contact Us and we will try to get to it as soon as possible.
The word "Retard" offends me! Why would you use the worst word ever!?”

— Some Up-Tight Bitch, Most Likely

Dear, "Some Up-Tight Bitch, Most Likely"
It has come to our attention that you are offended by Mr. Luciano's choice of word(s) to represent himself. We apologize, as we do whatever that crippled legged fucker tells us too, because well, he's crazy quite frankly! So we reached out to Lokust Luciano to get an apology from him directly, just for you, and he had this to say:


I hope that was satisfactory for you, it was for us :)

- RetardedBastard Music

Does he have his own strain of weed?”

— Some Stoner We Forgot The Name

He does Marijuana Strain Reviews, as well as has a line of elite medicinal marijuana products. For more information feel free to Contact Us

How much does he charge for a verse, beat, feature/etc?”

— Another Artist

Any booking inquiries can be done by (1) of (3) options:

1. You can call/text +1( 323) 452-2008 your inquiry.

2.  You can email

3. You can fill out this form.

Was he in Forrest Gump? Is that why he's working on an album called G.U.M.P.?”

— An idiot

No, stupid. Tom Hanks was in Forrest Gump. G.U.M.P. stands for Grind Until Money Produces. It's release date is TBA